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One star outshines

That single star, found

Poet’s Beckon

I should have never left
we are like one mind in poetry
I need to fly back and write some
as I’m needing all you are for me

I’ve fallen deeper from the distance
from my soul’s muse and my sole sanity
Lips will softly graze your neck and speak
proverbs inspired by the black ink

Nothing is more perfectly exotic
than your eyes in the low light, and
no music beckons my soul like
your voice telling me to hit that

You wanna swim first, just imagine
we’ll make climactic castles on the beach
Quenched by aftermath of our rain dance
as you chant and wrap yourself around me

Lovers and forever soul mates
eyes connected as our souls mate
We need times like this together more
inside of my forever fate


Scott Mitchell


Be sure to watch the video

and you’ll  know the music that helped inspire this dance

Thanks to Kim at Artistry Allure for sharing the video


Rise and Shine

Park Fountain

“Trickling water on the windowsill. 5 a.m. on the droid as I lay still. Half frozen rain pelts the house in tune, with a soul alone in this big room. I should leave this bed and start my day. Closed eyes and memories force my stay.” Click here to continue reading “Rain Dancer by Scott Mitchell”