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One horizon sets
and another one falls
stuck within the confines
of the same four walls

A half moon rises
when I wished for it full
I grasp another shooting star
and thrust it into my skull

One, two, three, or more
knife marks in my heart
I step back to the beginning
defeated, I go back to the start

Shoes off, so I can feel the sand
with only the sound of breeze
on a beach covered in prints
a sole soul is set at ease


Scott Mitchell




Flamme by Scott Mitchell

Poet’s Beckon

I should have never left
we are like one mind in poetry
I need to fly back and write some
as I’m needing all you are for me

I’ve fallen deeper from the distance
from my soul’s muse and my sole sanity
Lips will softly graze your neck and speak
proverbs inspired by the black ink

Nothing is more perfectly exotic
than your eyes in the low light, and
no music beckons my soul like
your voice telling me to hit that

You wanna swim first, just imagine
we’ll make climactic castles on the beach
Quenched by aftermath of our rain dance
as you chant and wrap yourself around me

Lovers and forever soul mates
eyes connected as our souls mate
We need times like this together more
inside of my forever fate


Scott Mitchell


Be sure to watch the video

and you’ll  know the music that helped inspire this dance

Thanks to Kim at Artistry Allure for sharing the video

Devout Notes

I’m always hearing music
so I must be listening too close
Seeking answers in the lyrics
Adhering to every word spoke

It’s said that insanity is surely defined
Doing the same thing over and over again
I always find myself wanting to go back
and again, I find the means to an end

If I tried to run away
there would be a repeated proof
The asylum is ineludible
and I’m clearly crazy for you

Trying every method to remove
what the conductor put in me
Binding strings of a puppet master
inspired to play this symphony

The end of days may not come soon
but someday, in that palace of the sky
I’ll look in the directory
for the one with celestial eyes

I’ll ask for only five minutes
I’ll try to explain in the short time
All I was never able to find words for
in the world of yours and mine

Love for only giving, could have been
but, was too often unforgiving
Broken hearts simply tried to survive
but, life without you was not living

There was no peace where there was pride
and I’m not looking for alibies
But always found myself asking why
even apart, your happiness was mine

We promised it’s unconditional
but didn’t survive dark times
Silence as our backs turned
to conceal the cries

Two things I’m sure I surely knew for sure
as I waited for a shooting star in the sky
What I gave to you is always yours
Till the end of time, this love abides


Scott Mitchell


Glaze of spring fragrance

Clings to delicate cocoon

Emerge with bronze wings


Scott Mitchell



I thought I’d always be near
to absorb your pains
Fate separated
but my desire remains

I’m writing this for you
as we’re off to new starts
Please print it and place it
in a pocket near your heart

When you’re feeling down
from events of the day
Force a smile to bloom
upon your pretty face

I’ve learned how your heart is
Sweet with good purpose
You need to be strong girl
this world is a circus

Our plan changed greatly
as I’m not there to hold
Yet there’s a place in my heart
and it never grows cold

Healing words elude me
to sponge away the blue
But a special promise lives,
remember? I keep it only for you

Scott Mitchell


Sometimes I imagine
that I’ve strode away
from my dreams
too soon

At night I can’t sleep
Evoking the memory
defeated dreams
of you and me

My heart and all I am inside
wants to give again
Another chance to you and I
and then memories begin

Suddenly I hear a thunder
loud enough to raise the dead
All I want is to erase you
forever, from my head

The rain begins
but my logic is clear
Ignore the little demon
chanting in my ear

But I can’t ignore
part of all I am
The pain is more
than I can withstand

Now paindrops are falling
to my knees, from my eyes
Agony crawling, above a sea
as I sigh

All you’ve done
feels vicious and cruel
So how can I imagine
sailing back to you

If I suggest another stab
at my plans and dreams
You’ll take it literally
and you won’t kill me gently

Begin the slow turning
of your knife in my side
I already feel it burning
jagged edges, as you pry

Your smiles of the past
felonious to all I need
I must finish this at last
but tomorrow we’ll see…


Scott Mitchell