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The Storm is Over

My own name may suffer
for everything I’ve lived in past
Yet I’ve wondered if a chance
would ever come to me at last

I’ve wondered if there’s just one
who has survived the war of souls
Iron sharpens iron, my queen
and we’re making big goals

You’re testing my deepest parts
and remind of what I once dreamed
Those times that I soon discovered
that nothing was as it seemed

Where were YOU

when my soul was being shredded
when my head was cursed with rain
I was looking for you, my souls bride
for hopes of you I fought through the pain

then, all of a sudden

you and your shoulder were right there
and I was always offering mine
Now we find ourselves standing here
and we’re more than friends this time

Where are WE?

We’re the artist souls
in a world that doesn’t rhyme, except
in the moments we share together
where I’m declaring that you are mine

like no other before

indulging in you, my one and only
a merge never up for debate
Reaching the summits constantly
as we’re living the love we make

in our own reign

the storm is over, thunder settled, lightning struck
but what about the aftermath in glaring eyes
Staring with awe, into the expanse
we’ve found where our horizon lies

Scott Mitchell
25 June 2017




Flamme by Scott Mitchell


Sonatas, be surely defined
when closed lush lips, to his soul
whisper the sweetest wine

Horizons, be known to endure
in low light when the moon ignites
as he consumes what once was yours

Stars, grasped as a tigers mane
stilettos point to the sky
in sharp reciting of his name


22 Dec 2014

Eyes don’t lie

Eyes don't lie

Melodic Caress

As my eyes settle
upon my one
luminous flower
The light of its flame
burns, as my only desire

What you see as faults
or a rip in your petals
Simply bring to my lips
and make it sweet
like honey and wine

My souls pollen
as I forget every other
like star dust
I absorb your colors
and trickles from your eyes

If you used to kneel, pleading
with heaven too many times
Look into my eyes
as I kiss
the scars on your knees

If you continue seeing rain
open yourself for me
My soul will kiss yours
as our passions release
one by one, every pain


Scott Mitchell

Poet’s Beckon

I should have never left
we are like one mind in poetry
I need to fly back and write some
as I’m needing all you are for me

I’ve fallen deeper from the distance
from my soul’s muse and my sole sanity
Lips will softly graze your neck and speak
proverbs inspired by the black ink

Nothing is more perfectly exotic
than your eyes in the low light, and
no music beckons my soul like
your voice telling me to hit that

You wanna swim first, just imagine
we’ll make climactic castles on the beach
Quenched by aftermath of our rain dance
as you chant and wrap yourself around me

Lovers and forever soul mates
eyes connected as our souls mate
We need times like this together more
inside of my forever fate


Scott Mitchell


Be sure to watch the video

and you’ll  know the music that helped inspire this dance

Thanks to Kim at Artistry Allure for sharing the video