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Flamme by Scott Mitchell


Sonatas, be surely defined
when closed lush lips, to his soul
whisper the sweetest wine

Horizons, be known to endure
in low light when the moon ignites
as he consumes what once was yours

Stars, grasped as a tigers mane
stilettos point to the sky
in sharp reciting of his name


22 Dec 2014

Entre los pétalos

Entre los pétalos

Disculpa mi mirada
Pequeña flor de bronce
La curiosidad embriaga
Por como te mostrarás
Y el brillo del rocío matinal


Le ruego al sol
Aparece ahora y revela
El objeto de mi deseo


Siente mi aliento, pequeña flor
Como unos labios suavemente exploran
Y remplazan mis pasiones
Con tu dulce aroma


Mi ambición es mejorar
Y mantener la esmeralda con cuidados
No temas al abrazo
Y saborea el néctar que compartes


Scott Mitchell



In English:

Between the Petals

Excuse my stare,
little flower of bronze
Curiosity intoxicates
for how you will appear
in full bloom
and a glaze of morning dew

I plead with the sun,
rise now and reveal
the entity of my desire

Feel my breath, little flower
as lips softly explore
and replace my passions
with your sweet aroma

My ambition is to mend
and hold the emerald with care
Do not fear as I embrace
and taste the nectar you share


Dare we?

Our backs pressed together yet so far apart
both staring at the stars
not making a sound

Dare we……..forget the past and make a start
we’ll be face to face
we’ll both turn around
If I……..were to look into those big brown eyes
and ask you to be mine,
would you take my hand?

If you……..were to walk with me alone tonight
you would see all I need,
two sets of footprints in the sand
The limits we can take this is so out of sight
the drum in my chest beats
and I know you can feel

If I……..stare too hard or hold you tight
I’m not trying to hurt you
I just want to be sure you’re real
If we……..step into an unknown sea
I can only promise one thing
you’ll always be all I need

I’m euphoric……..to have you with me
Before tonight,
you were only a dream
Any moment that I take my eyes off you
it’s only to see the path ahead
so I can help you through

You……..will never need to ask for truth
It’s an honorable sacrifice
to give all of me to you
Would you……..sail away tonight with me
We’ll throw uncertainty to the breeze
Dare we?
Scott Mitchell


I remember when I held you
the first time in my arm
Hostile climates didn’t stop me
as this warrior won your heart

I remember when you felt my heart
as we shared our first kiss
A dream became a certainty
I received an awaited wish

I remember when my eyes widened
the moment I was in awe
My hands on large firm pillows
after taking off your bra

I remember when you unfastened
yourself to allow me in
Quivering and uncontainable
you stop a kiss to bite my chin

I remember when I was gentle
giving no pressure to submit
Thighs drew fiercely on my hips
telling me to push again

I remember when we fought
temptation to cry aloud
As I left through the airport gate
but the promise still lives now

I wonder when I’ll see you
on the most essential of my trips
Bizarre stimuli in my soul
as I’m dying to taste your lips

I wonder when you’ll join me
as we try something new
No looking back as WE board the plane
as I’m coming home with you

~Scott Mitchell

Photo Credit to Brittney J