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Blue Ice

I gazed with analysis
at two hands
One was cold as blue ice
and melted in the sands

My other hand empty
wanting something real
Avoiding that which fades
embracing future zeal

Yet, the hottest part of a flame
is blue
I burned with desire
oblivious to the truth

Panorama of mountains
the blue one seemed nice
After the climb, disappointment
it’s a berg made of ice

The hardest thing to accept
is truth
Recalling forever promises
void of proof

Impatient, needing warmth
only the sun can bring
Obvious absence, with dark skies
I created my own spring

Escaping winter chills
avoiding games of Jacky Frost
Her only gems are blue
cheaply made with high cost

Nothing to lose
there’s no value in a cheater
I’ll never again be
a blue bottom-feeder
Scott Mitchell

It’s easy to say good bye


Saying good bye is not hard
I’m happy as I write this last note
You’re wrong if you think I’m scarred

{SHH! I think I feel my heart in my throat!}

Saying good bye is so smart
“We” couldn’t work as we first planned
Applause as I’m off to a new start

{OH NO! My legs are too weak to stand!}

Saying good bye was in need
The love simply don’t remain
I was happy when you said I’m free

{OMG! I can’t stand the pain!}

Now I say the last good bye
I thought we had something true
Maybe it was a lie

{But I’ll always pray for God to bless you}


Scott Mitchell