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Incisor Amour

Dark eyes and honey skin
Hypnotic aura, one of a kind
I wanted to possess and devour
but your fangs, superior to mine


For only you I fashioned a Taj Mahal
and refused to accept it in vain
Then, you slayed me with your bite
and my feelings stayed the same


The darkest hour
is every morning as I wake
Hallmarks of immortal desire
Scars on my neck which you’re to blame


I want to run from the memories
I want to never feel the hope
I don’t want to walk amongst the living dead
or drink the blood of kindred souls


I try to run away in a straight line
but always return on bended knee
Am I a slave to the darkness
or a jester to a queen?


It feels I’m always seeking red
Edgily awaiting one more drink
It’s convoluted to distinguish
when your tricks appear as treats


If someday wings refuse to form
as bells toll the midnight hour
Simply know you took the best of me
in your last leap from the tower



Locks of Deja vu

Feet planted on the ground
yet a sky full of desire
Countless lightning streams
link the realms as golden wires

One large gasp as I inhale
all the energy of poetic past
I’m earnestly hemming my way
to live this moment at last

Stanzas written with my eyes
prepare my muse to accept me in
Every word intensely motivated
as your hands direct my pen

I am quivering in your breeze
as I’m smelling your sweet breath
I am willingly detained
as dark locks graze my chest

Lyrics are softly unspoken
by adjacent tongues and hips
Spreading ink on the paper
as we connect our lips

Inducement from our dance
causes patience to wear thin
Pen released from our control
Now we’re all the way in

We understand each other
My point is in you and it’s clear
Sir William shook the world
but we can shake this sphere

Now, I’ll need you forever
I’m addicted to this realm with you
I’ll always be back for more
of our continuous deja vu


Scott Mitchell


I remember when I held you
the first time in my arm
Hostile climates didn’t stop me
as this warrior won your heart

I remember when you felt my heart
as we shared our first kiss
A dream became a certainty
I received an awaited wish

I remember when my eyes widened
the moment I was in awe
My hands on large firm pillows
after taking off your bra

I remember when you unfastened
yourself to allow me in
Quivering and uncontainable
you stop a kiss to bite my chin

I remember when I was gentle
giving no pressure to submit
Thighs drew fiercely on my hips
telling me to push again

I remember when we fought
temptation to cry aloud
As I left through the airport gate
but the promise still lives now

I wonder when I’ll see you
on the most essential of my trips
Bizarre stimuli in my soul
as I’m dying to taste your lips

I wonder when you’ll join me
as we try something new
No looking back as WE board the plane
as I’m coming home with you

~Scott Mitchell

Photo Credit to Brittney J

Holiday Wish

The frosty wind bites my nose and cheeks
Dropping to my knees, I scoop snow in my hands
Graphic flashes in my head and suddenly all feels warm
From my passions left behind in the Caribbean sands

Accepting the reality of where I’d rather be now
A wet drop slithers, turning ice right under my eye
I recall crouching by the bed staring at her beautiful face
With clasped hands, now I kneel and frown at the sky

The holiday season is here, and here she is not
silver bells taunt me and the jingle ones mock!

I don’t want to see Santa’s approaching reindeer
if he only brings a holiday sweater
Only one thing on my list Santa, don’t disappoint
Understand me with this complaint letter!

Somehow, she’s always on the tip of my tongue
My mouth filled with words of love and truth
But deep in the root there’s a serious pain
Gee Santa, I didn’t ask for a Bluetooth!

My heart and body need her so I’m waiting
don’t cause me to suffer in the cold so long
I think the watch you wear must have stopped
and your delay is really ticking me off!

Or take me 2,000 miles to my angel eyes
Don’t leave this hitchhiker to go insane
It’s too far and I don’t wanna walk man
Santa, please bring this blue boy a plane!

My chocolate candy fills her stockings
in a way that you could never do!
She hangs them next to my chimney with care
I need a piece of her cookie real soon!

I never play with dolls
but chocolate Barbie got my heart quakin’
I need her melody and sweet jams now
Wow, she certainly leaves mi jam-achin’!

The holiday season is here, and here she is not
silver bells taunt me and the jingle ones mock!

I really need to visit her port more
These routine calls surely make my mind roam
It’s like a prison, being so far from my heart
Santa, please don’t bring me another cell phone!

I need manicured nails raking my back
And passionate moments priming her walls
Don’t try keeping her as your own now, Santa
and take me to my Mrs. Claws!

Marble Rye

I see the future and all I’ve dreamed
as I’m staring into your eyes
A hope for today and forevermore
I feel a chill as we share a moon rise

Our dinner dates when you wear a dress
my heart so restless to take you home
Dancing in the kitchen as we laugh and sing
to the bedroom our bodies slowly roam

Never doubt that I love every inch of you
there’s no region I won’t explore
Your dark satin body as my lips venture
a trembling voice says to give you more

Like a tot in a sweet shop, I’ll get my fill
dessert time before we start to bake
I came prepared to be your sugar man
Reddi-Wip to frost my chocolate cake

Devouring at the top and I eat my way down
an insatiable hunger for your flavor
You watch as I approach the last bite
a delicious moment we can both savor

I finished eating but my appetite has grown
the bread has risen so I’ll put it in your oven
It’s too hot and it makes the loaf burst
a grand finale of two hour lovin

A million nights together will never be enough
your eyes of heaven as your fingers rake my hair
My inescapable destiny is forever wanting you
in life after death I’ll still need you there


Scott Mitchell

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Awaited Finale

Listen to my song tonight
as we are together finally
I promised I would write
for the woman of my dreams

There was a time I almost drowned
revived as our lips touched
You reached in and pulled me out
now I’m needing you so much

I would do anything for you
my soul is standing there to sing
Atop a mountain made of blue
you are my everything

Soft caresses show my desire
the candles burn so I can see
You’re on top to quench my fire
as you’re putting it on me

They say beauty is only skin deep
but I’m loving your sweet sound
Your honey hips with each retreat
because we’re so much deeper now

Tremors of your body and lips can’t stop
accepting that your heart let me in
Your hair covers my face as you drop
your finger nails gently pierce my skin

I hold you now and whisper truth
evoking a promise of the deep
Already knowing I love you
three new words, I’ll never leave


Scott Mitchell


Grinning as you sip your tea
near an ocean of blue
Anticipating dusk with me
knowing all I crave is you

The music is starting
like a warriors drum
My heart is thrashing
my reservations numb

Your lips of an angel
eyes beaming fire
Feel me approach
my muse, my desire

An anticipated predator
I’ll drink every ounce
No resistance given
yet a scream when I pounce

I’ll give you my all
nothing to fear
With each withdrawal
as you pull me near

I’ll eat your heart
and remove your pains
Now I’ll always be part
like blood in your veins

You can still feel my bite
in the peaceful morning sun
We cut an oath in the night
you’re my goddess of love

– Scottula

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