I remember when I held you
the first time in my arm
Hostile climates didn’t stop me
as this warrior won your heart

I remember when you felt my heart
as we shared our first kiss
A dream became a certainty
I received an awaited wish

I remember when my eyes widened
the moment I was in awe
My hands on large firm pillows
after taking off your bra

I remember when you unfastened
yourself to allow me in
Quivering and uncontainable
you stop a kiss to bite my chin

I remember when I was gentle
giving no pressure to submit
Thighs drew fiercely on my hips
telling me to push again

I remember when we fought
temptation to cry aloud
As I left through the airport gate
but the promise still lives now

I wonder when I’ll see you
on the most essential of my trips
Bizarre stimuli in my soul
as I’m dying to taste your lips

I wonder when you’ll join me
as we try something new
No looking back as WE board the plane
as I’m coming home with you

~Scott Mitchell

Photo Credit to Brittney J

About Scott Mitchell

A scene, a soul, and an expression. I'm an artist based in Detroit, but focus globally #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell View all posts by Scott Mitchell

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