cuando la muñeca entra

Cuando la muñeca entra
todo lo demás es calma y silencio
un terremoto en lo profundo de mi corazón
una sonrisa inevitable

Cuando la muñeca entra
siento que se llena el vacío
el deseo es ahora una realidad
puedo mantener mi sueño

Cuando la muñeca entra
ella puede ver mi felicidad
cada momento es como el primero
y yo quiero más

Cuando la muñeca entra
mis labios tocan los suyos
mariposas de pasión compartidas
nuestro alcance es más intenso

Cuando la muñeca entra
todo lo que hemos hecho no es suficiente
queremos más, yo quiero entrar
ella acepta mi fuerte infusión

Cuando entro en mi muñeca
nos miramos fijamente
empujo fuerte mostrando mi amor profundo
su jaloneo dice que quiere más

Cuando la muñeca entra
en mi alma ella se queda para siempre
mis brazos quieren sostenerla para siempre
cada día quiero más

Scott Mitchell

About Scott Mitchell

A scene, a soul, and an expression. I'm an artist based in Detroit, but focus globally #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell View all posts by Scott Mitchell

13 responses to “cuando la muñeca entra

  • Ms. Me

    que bonita! no comprendo todos las palabras pero comprendo “most of it”, yo creo.

    I didn’t know each word but I do believe I caught most of it. How cute that you call her a baby doll or doll I take it.


  • Ms. Me

    so I just used the translater and I think my mind interpreted it better than the translation gave it lol because it translated it “when the wrist goes” instead of when the doll comes. but once again how lovely!


  • Kay Salady

    So sensual, so erotic, so deep and pure. I like it very much. “In my soul she is forever” This takes my breath.


  • rebelina11

    My favorite line is mariposas de pasion compartidas. What a beautiful metaphor for feather light kisses. I was completely taken by surprise to see a poem in Spanish from…. Well, somebody with an English name, and so well written. Sorry, that sounds simple-minded, I’m sure. You have opened my eyes.


    • Scott Mitchell

      Gracias. I have to give most credit to Maru, as she helped me translate properly and in a way consistent with the way I write, as she knows all my work. Even with a little Spanish ability (and Google translator) I could never express things as I want without her.


  • Melissa and Life

    Me encanta, muy bueno! Romántico y sensual, no le falta nada más!


  • seanrone

    This is song material, without a doubt.
    Estas palabras buscan música


  • ahhhpoetry

    reading your comments, I now learn que no hablas español….que lástima…nonetheless,…interesting use of la palabra muñeca,

    la muñeca… in your girl, your doll, but not a doll as a toy, just a woman that you find appealing, you love. i invite you to read my spanish ones, I have three posted. I too want to write more, actually, I have written more, but I now need to post them.


  • shawnacy

    my my, bilingue… or at least, working in that direction. la poesia del amor always sounds and feels so much better in spanish.

    i’m convinced it was the only reason neruda is such a master. he has masterful linguistic clay with which to work.

    you have some great images here and in all the pieces i’ve read. glad you stopped by, allowing me to find you in return. 🙂


  • Leaves Heal

    Si quieres mantenerla para siempre,
    Espero que la encuentres 🙂
    Shalom, Scott,
    Es un gusto conocerte.



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