Autumn Tale

So smooth the music calling me
warm rays of sun, I shall not flee
Through destiny’s door I quickly peer
motionless, yet I shall not fear

The sum of your essence is pulling me
infinite brown eyes, my legs are weak
Your enticing voice, butterflies awaken
I stumble in, as the earth has shaken

Here we stand as a collective spirit
a thought of yours, I can surely hear it
On plush white clouds, passions subside
two bodies fused, lips and souls collide

On a moonlit pond, water cherubs dance
their threshold crossed, we took a chance
Placid rain as cherubs sing their song
wishful tears of past, forever gone

This day and night have quickly passed
look forward knowing, our future vast
The treetops stare as we laugh and play
telling to the sky, all they saw today


Scott Mitchell

About Scott Mitchell

A scene, a soul, and an expression. I'm an artist based in Detroit, but focus globally #worldiction #art #detroit #scottmitchell View all posts by Scott Mitchell

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